FORUMCAST connects advertisers to brand-safe forums

FORUMCAST connects advertisers to brand-safe forums and online communities. FORUMCAST currently delivers 60+ million ad impressions a month into online forums. Over 70% of that traffic is from the US. FORUMCAST is an advertising network specializing in online forums, online communities and social networks.

FORUMCAST monetizes online forums, bridging the gap between ad buyers and forum publishers, allowing advertisers and networks to connect deeply with brand safe online communities, while at the same time letting our forum publisher partners monetize their communities using the latest advertising technologies and the best demand sources.

FORUMCAST has a 20 year history in online forum monetization and development. Most of FORUMCAST’s partner forums are medium to large forums that are well established and have huge followings in their own specific verticals. We also have small specialized technical forums that are critical for peer knowledge sharing and frequented by thought leaders in their own specific areas.

People go to our forum partners for content, for answers, whether they are registered members of the forum or not. People come to forums for real honest information from people who know and live their subjects 24/7. This is why advertisers and brands can benefit from advertising on them. FORUMCAST connects advertisers to brand-safe forums.


1. FORUMCAST connects advertisers to brand-safe forums and online communities.
2. Position your brand in enthusiast communities in your vertical in a position of trust.
3. Lets your brand reach thought leaders and key influencers in your vertical.
4. We work closely with our publishers to implement your ads for top viewability.
5. FORUMCAST monitors and maintains the highest quality ad deployment across our partner communities.

Forums are the stickiest sites on the internet. Advertising on forums makes sense because brands can reach people in a place of trust, in a place where they are already going for honest answers about home renovation, a hobby, technology advice, a health issue, or some other question they want answered from someone just like them.

We have very strong health, finance, hobby, entertainment, and technology verticals. We work very closely with our forum partners, to make sure your ads go in client-friendly ad-safe pages with excellent positioning. We’ll take good care of your ad spend, and make sure your ads are well placed, effective, and connect with the right people.


  1. 1. Get better sources of ad revenue for your forum.
  2. 2. Connection to the top sources of online ads on the planet.
  3. 3. Advice on ad implementation and best practice advice.
  4. 4. Get ways to increase yield and streamline your advertising strategy for your forum.
  5. 5. We share  optimization knowledge between our partner forums so all benefit.
  6. 6. Get fast payment and  excellent revenue share.
  7. 7. We understand forum publishing from a forum admin perspective.

We have complete familiarity with running online forums ourselves, from a publisher’s perspective. Our parent company, TRIBE, has run its own big board forum for over 2 decades. It is the longest running online forum in Canada.

We offer one-on-one contact with our partners and are always available for them. Our customer service is stellar because dealing with us is like dealing with a fellow forum administrator. We understand you.

FORUMCAST is expert in the implementation of advertising on various forum software platforms and the nuances of ad serving into forum environments. Contact us.