Advertising on forums with Google AdX

Why advertising on forums is more important than ever

Advertising on forums with programmatic ad buys makes a lot of sense today.

Forums are brimming with content. People wind up at forums via search engines when looking for real answers to real questions from peers who know the answers. Searchers quickly tire of the web fluff – the 5 reasons and 10 things websites that say absolutely nothing of value and don’t answer their real content needs.

Since more and more of the internet is being populated with clickbait leading to these fluff pages, advertising on forums is a great way for advertisers to place their ads in actual, real, content and thereby target people looking for real content. Advertising on forums lets advertisers connect on a deeper level with people.

I’ve run my own large forum for two decades and even though it is a general topic forum, it has sub forums on specific topics like technology, health, politics, women’s issues, men’s issues… It’s in these sub forums where you will find members who are experts in various subjects, and the place where many people wind up via Google searches, looking for answers to questions that are important to them.

Most of FORUMCAST’s partner forums are large forums that have huge followings in their specific topic category or vertical. People go there for answers, whether they are registered members of the forum or not. They come to forums for real honest information from people who know and live their subjects 24/7.

Advertising on forums makes sense because advertisers can reach people when they are most receptive, in a place of trust, where they are already going for honest answers about home renovation, a hobby, or a health issue, or some other question they want answered from someone just like them.

Combine this receptive and ready audience with Google AdX’s contextual targeting and FORUMCAST’s channel targeting and advertisers can get great coverage, amazing penetration, and top value for their programmatic dollar on AdX by targeting the FORUMCAST network.

If you are an advertiser and want to connect to our forums on Google’s Doubleclick Ad Exchange network (AdX); target FORUMCAST in your media buy on AdX. We have very strong health, finance, hobby, entertainment, and technology verticals. We work very closely with our forum partners, to make sure your ads go in client-friendly ad-safe pages.

We’ll take good care of your ad spend, and make sure your ads are effective and connect with the right people.