Forum owners used to have a hard time monetizing their traffic. In the early days, most ads were sold privately by the forum admin/owner directly to buyers. Big general topic forums in particular had the toughest time monetizing because it was hard to convince potential local buyers of the value of putting an ad with a few thousand impressions into sites overflowing with content.

Some forum owners resorted to selling sponsorships; basically static ads dropped into forum templates for defined lengths of time. Many forum owners still do this and some even use this method exclusively to get banner ads for forums.

With the advent of Adsense, forum owners saw they could fairly easily get banner ads for forums injected into their content via a relatively simple manner by dropping in up to three ad tags.

A forum owner’s Adsense earnings were limited by their geographic traffic sources, the number of banners they could put on a page (3), but also by the very nature their forum content. General topic forums tend to have more traffic but less CPM value as they are not as attractive to advertisers. Niche topic forums get less traffic but command a much higher CPM.

Since those early days, other networks and technologies have sprung up in addition to Adsense that forum owners can use to get CPM banner ads for forums.

There is a better way to get CPM banner ads for your forum and we can help!

FORUMCAST uses the Google Doubleclick AdX network and other technologies to monetize our partner forums. With us, a forum owner can get 5  CPM banner ads for forums per page with Google networks instead of the 3 ad Adsense units per page limit. This alone can mean a

With FORUMCAST, our forum partners tap into a vastly larger pool of ad buyers than they would get with Adsense alone. We also get approached constantly by other ad networks looking impressions and we connect them to our forum partners domains through AdX or through private deals.

We love forums. Contact us today and let us get you high paying CPM banner ads for your forum.