The medium rectangle is king!!

Over the last decade or so we have experimented with different sized ad units, trying to find the best ad unit sizes for forums, and always end up coming to the same conclusion : the 300×250 medium rectangle is king for above the fold positions. Why is that you ask? Well it seems agencies love this size and there are lots of medium rectangle creatives out there, where there might not be for the more obscure sizes.

When monetizing a forum we like to load 300×250 medium rectangles above the fold for another  critical reason: they are a mobile-friendly size. If you are not using Tapatalk (and we don’t use Tapatalk for important reasons I’ll explore in another blog post), and you are using traditional forum templates like those available from vbulletin or ipboard for example, the medium boxes look better than skyscrapers and leaderboards on a mobile device.
I am sure if you use a responsive template board like Xenforo or the newer flavors of vb or a Vanilla forums board and load the above the fold area with medium boxes, they will show even better when someone visits your forum with an iPhone or android device.

But what about the best ad unit sizes for forums in the ‘in content’ positions?

For many years we used leaderboards in content because I thought that they looked better visually in the post flow, and maybe they do when they are text ads, the font looks sort of similar to your content, and the color scheme matches, but more often than not advertisers are jacking up the font sizes in their text ads for extra punch. When that happens, you might as well be running a medium rectangle image ad in content, because it’ll probably pay you more, and as I said earlier – they translate better when viewed on mobile devices.

Forumcast can monetize your forum with almost  any standard iab ad size , but I have found, with my own forum anyway, that keeping it simple is often the best practice. Just like the novice graphic designer who uses 20 different fonts in a design for a flyer, putting too many different ad sizes on your pages may not be the best way to go.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to experiment. If you have a weird forum template layout and can only serve 1 giant 970×250 billboard, we can still help you monetize your forum with FORUMCAST. But I am curious… What ad sizes have worked best for your forum?

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