Using your forum’s software conditionals to increase your forum’s advertising revenue

What can a forum owner do to increase ad venue while minimizing impact for long-time members? Fortunately, most forum software has the capacity to segment users into different categories built right into it. Forum software like vbulletin, xenforo, and IPB and others can detect whether a person visiting your forum is a guest, a member, or whether a person is logged in or not, so you can show different ads to depending on whether a visitor is a guest or a member. Forum software can also tell where a user goes in your forum, and if you really want to get fancy, you can use this functionality to show different ads in different forums.

This forum functionality is called ‘conditionals’, and what this means it that your forum software can do certain things you specify when certain conditions are met. A forum owner can use these ‘conditionals’ to their advantage to earn more money from a forum in a number of ways that will maximize advertisng revenue from a forum.

As a forum owner myself, I know how sensitive long term forum members are to changes in their forum experience. Most forum owners are reluctant to make significant usability or environment changes to their forums because members tend to complain loudly about this, at least in the short term. Long-time members especially dislike suddenly seeing more or bigger ads in their forum, but a forum owner really needs to be showing bigger or more ads to earn more money from a forum .

Use conditionals to direct more and/or bigger ads to different usergroups to earn more money from a forum

At the most basic level, this is something forum owners should be doing. As forum owners, one of our biggest assets is our post content and its visibility to search engines. Large forums in particular, some, millions of ‘pages’ deep, are sitting on a potential gold mine of online advertising revenue, just through search engine traffic. In fact, most forum owners will tell you that this search engine traffic accounts for most of their daily page views. You want to be showing bigger and more ads to this traffic because most of the time it is coming from guests/visitors members. Why not let your guests help you earn more money from your forum?

Earn more money from a forum by combining conditionals with topic channel targeting

This is where the magic can really happen! If your forum has content areas that are more desirable to advertisers and can demand higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions). If you have a technology or health sub-forum for example – you can use conditions to specify that certain types of ads only get served into those specific sub-forums. We can then use channel targeting on the ad exchanges to sell and target that specific inventory at higher CPM rates than you would get from more general topic content on your forum.
By combining both topic channel targeting and showing bigger and more ads to guests/visitors you make your forum more attractive to advertisers and earn more money from your forum, AND you keep your members happy too!

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