We know how to monetize a forum

We’ll help you monetize a forum today.

FORUMCAST was designed so forum owners could easily monetize a forum. It is free to join the FORUMCAST ad network. Our philosophy is to represent our partner forums as premium channels for advertisers because, for too long, forums were considered second class because of their user generated content. Advertisers have since come to realize (it took a while) that 99% of the internet is actually user generated content, and that active, advertising-safe forums with fully engaged members are great places to advertise.

Our goal is to make sure our partner forums are well represented to advertisers and get the highest paying banner ads on their forums. We have a 19 year history as a large forum publisher and over a decade of experience implementing advertising on forums and online communities.

Tap the largest pool of ads on the internet

Our ads primarily come from the largest ad marketplace in the world, Google AdX, which you can think of as a huge stock exchange where we connect ad buyers to our partner sites and deals are made in real time. In addition, we are approached by advertisers on a regular basis who are looking for new channels and opportunities and we can pass these opportunities on to our forum partners.

You get a higher revenue share

From experience we can tell you that the CPM you get from us will be higher than other major networks our publishers use, and that difference (called lift) can be dramatic. This is because we market your site as a premium branded site, because that is what our partner sites are. We take a much lower commission than other ad networks, so you will earn more for each ad served, even if it is for the same ad served by another network.

Our commission for most of our forum  partners is 20% which is significantly lower than all the ad networks we know of, and we don’t charge you any additional fees like some other ad networks will. For our very large forum partners our commission is a flat 10%.

If you are using Google Ad serving software like Google DFP or Google DFP SB, even better! We can have Google techs configure and link your DFP account on the back end so FORUMCAST AdX competes against any other ad networks on your site dynamically and beats them on price, in real time.  It is like having us on the floor of the exchange selling your forum to potential advertisers around the clock!

Every forum is different, so we work individually with our partners to increase their earnings. We assist our publishers with ad unit deployment, helping them position ads in ways to maximize earnings. We don’t charge extra for that either. We have have found that small changes in the way ads are positioned on a forum can have a major impact on earnings. As an example, we can help forum owners serve ads conditionally, so that forum members are seeing few ads and visitors/guests are seeing bigger or more ads. You will earn more from your search engine traffic, while keeping your members happy. This is incredibly important and something other ad networks don’t bother with or understand.

We work very closely with our forum partners to make sure they are earning the most from us and from any other ad networks they happen to be running on their forums. Often this can be as simple as dropping our ad tags into a forum’s existing ad locations, or it could involve testing out a few different ad positions and ad size variations to find what works best to monetize a forum and make the most money per ad unit on a pages.

We’d like to help you earn more. Contact us today!