Advertising For Forums

We specialize in ads for forumsFORUMCAST can monetize your forum.

We can connect your forum to Google Ad ExchangeWe connect our partner forums to Google AdX.

High quality CPM AdsWe’ll get high quality, high paying CPM ads to monetize your forum.

Larger Revenue ShareWe offer the highest publisher revenue share of any ad network.




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We provide ad tags you put into your forum.You earn more.


Run your other ad networks too. In fact, we recommend it so you can see how much more we pay!


We pay fast, on a similar timeline as Adsense.


We have been publishing our own large forum for nearly 20 years, so we understand forums.


We offer one-on-one support, tips and revenue optimization advice so you can earn more from your forum.


Great CPM at nearly 100% fill rates.


Monetize Your Forum



FORUMCAST is an online advertising network for forums. With FORUMCAST, we connect our forum partners directly to Google Ad Exchange (AdX). What this means is your forum will have access to a huge pool of better quality, higher paying display ads your forum may not otherwise get. Google AdX is like an souped-up Adsense, with better ads paying higher CPMs. With FORUMCAST, our forum partners can capitalize on programmatic ad buying at scale and tap into vast pools of available high quality CPM display ads on AdX for their forums.
For our publishers, FORUMCAST ad network leverages our partner forums’ variety and massive audiences to provide optimum representation to agencies and brands through the magic of programmatic RTB and direct private buys. For advertisers, FORUMCAST allows brands to easily reach the biggest and best forums on the internet in a targeted way.


Who are you guys anyway?

We are glad you asked! FORUMCAST is owned by TRIBE COMMUNICATIONS INC., a private company based in Toronto, Canada. We come from a forum publishing background ourselves:  we’ve published TRIBE –, a large vbulletin forum, for over two decades. As experienced forum publishers we know a lot about how online advertising and forums can work together, and we can help your forum monetize, or increase your current earnings, and get you a higher revenue share. Our goal in starting FORUMCAST was to leverage our communal strengths and gigantic audiences as forum publishers to have more sales clout. More clout means better ads and higher paying ads for our partner forums.


How does FORUMCAST work exactly?

Once you signup with FORUMCAST, we create ad tags which you place on your forum pages or in your ad serving application – we recommend DFP or DFP SB to serve ads, but you can hard-code the tags into your forum templates or use another ad serving app if you want. We work together and suggest best ad positions so you earn maximum revenue for your ad units.
We sell your forum’s inventory on Google ADX and other exchanges and ads begin serving into your forum. In most cases the ads you see will be the same or similar to ads shown on other large premium web sites.
If you are using Google DFP SB ad serving software, we work with Google to link it to the Ad Exchange on the back end so we can compete dynamically with your existing ad networks and beat them on price. We suggest that you run FORUMCAST alongside the highest paying advertising networks you are currently using so you can compare earnings and you can see how much more we pay.


How can you pay more than other advertising networks?

There are a few reasons why FORUMCAST pays a higher revenue share than other display advertising networks. 1. No bloat: we don’t have a fancy Madison Avenue Office, or a big corporate yacht tied up in the lake, and we aren’t smoking expensive cigars all day, so we pass those savings on to you. 2. As a member of the FORUMCAST advertising network, your forum’s value for advertising increases by our representation. We are selling our partner forums as premium channels, because that is what they are. 3. We give your forum a closer connection to the main ad exchanges.


Is FORUMCAST better than affiliate networks, CPA networks, or monetized link networks?

It’s different, and we like to think it’s better. Think of it as a supercharged Adsense. FORUMCAST is perfect for large forums because you can harness your search generated traffic and monetize those guest impressions to the max! For smaller niche forums, FORUMCAST can add value to your inventory and get you higher CPMs. In our opinion, it is a lot better than hoping somebody clicks a deep link on your site and buys something, somewhere, and then hoping the affiliate network sends you a few pennies someday. Don’t let your impressions go to waste!


How do I get paid?

We pay on a similar timeline as Adsense: reporting is done at the end of each month, and we pay you by Paypal by the end of the following month.