Monetize your forum

Monetize your forum with FORUMCAST, the ad network for forums!

Tap into new revenue to maintain and grow your forum with FORUMCAST. We specialize in forums, pay the highest revenue share, and have access to the largest pool of advertising on the internet for your forum.

As you search for ways to monetize your forum, you’ll discover that most advertising networks don’t like dealing with forums, and when they do, they’ll take a huge revenue share from you and/or pay you very low CPMs. FORUMCAST is different. FORUMCAST is an ad network exclusively for forums and online communities. We can monetize your forum and get you the highest rates per impression and highest revenue share for banner advertising.

We can monetize forums, message boards, and online communities that use the following platforms:

Monetize your IP Board with FORUMCASTMonetize your Vanilla board community with FORUMCAST
Monetize your MyBB community with FORUMCASTMonetize your SMF community with FORUMCAST
Monetize your xenforo forum community with FORUMCASTMonetize your vbulletin board community with FORUMCAST
Monetize your ProBoard community with FORUMCASTMonetize your phpBB community with FORUMCAST

Imagine what it would be like if you could monetize your forum easily, just by installing a few ad tags on your forum, so you can concentrate on growing your forum and participating in the community you created… That’s why we built FORUMCAST, the ad network for forums!

Over twenty years of experience

We know about forums because we’ve published our own large forum for nearly two decades. We’ve experienced the best and the worst ad networks ourselves over the years, and we knew there had to be an even better way to monetize your forum. There wasn’t, so we created FORUMCAST, the ad network for forums.

Think back to the reasons why you started your forum… Maybe you love cars, have an amazing hobby, enjoy certain types of music, wanted to share your expert knowledge about smart phones. When you set up your community, wondering how to monetize your forum may have been an afterthought. Most forum publishers excel as community builders and community managers but aren’t the best at monetizing their forums and earning revenue. That is where we come in! Let FORUMCAST monetize your forum.

Monetizing your forum is a delicate balance between displaying ads and keeping your members happy. At FORUMCAST, we have a lot of experience with shaping ad traffic into forums in different ways so you can show more ads to guests and visitors to monetize your forum and increase revenue, yet show less or smaller ads to your registered forum members.

FORUMCAST is free to join and non-exclusive, so you can run other ad networks at the same time if you want. In fact, we recommend doing that so you can see how much more we pay.

We offer fast payment and the highest revenue share in the industry.

How our partner forums monetize with FORUMCAST

1. FORUMCAST connects your forum to the largest ad exchanges on the internet so you can start earning more revenue right away.

2. We’ll get better CPMs for your forum for the same ads you might be getting from other ad networks. FORUMCAST has minimal overhead and no bloat so your revenue share is substantially higher than you’ll get from other ad networks.

3. Attract new advertisers who would not normally consider advertising on your forum by enhancing the value of your forum with media buyers.

4. We work with you to increase the potential to monetize your forum by improving granularity and providing placement tips that work well for our other forum partners.

5. We seek out direct buys from brands and agencies when possible and work with forums to implement one-off major ad campaigns.

*The Fine Print

What’s the catch you ask?

Well, we don’t work with just any forum, but we can monetize your forum if you meet these basic criteria:

1. Your forum has to be established and have at least 100,000 posts.

2. Your content has to be advertiser safe according to current iab standards which you can see in section 3 of this website,  HERE

. You really want to earn more revenue from your forum.

We’d like to help you earn more revenue with your forum. Contact us today!